Educational Consultant

IMG_1388As an educational consultant I continue to visit and evaluate programs throughout the United States, including  therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment programs, wilderness programs, addiction treatment programs, and eating disorder programs. I continue to visit new (and re-visit established) programs every year in order to understand the program, and their treatment modality.  As a clinician, I am able to assess programs, their treatment modalities, their staff and their quality of care, from a clinical perspective.  I am also able to provide parents who are looking to place their children or young adults into a treatment program, with a strong, solid, and clinically based recommendation that meets the needs of their child and their family.

As an educational consultant, with over 30 years of clinical experience as a therapist, I help you find the right therapeutic and healing placement for your child, troubled teen, or young adult.IMG_1385

  • Matching the services of a particular school or program to the specific needs of your child is critical for your child’s future.
  • Your family and your child has specific and unique needs that must be determined in detail before placement in any program is appropriate.
  • My membership in both NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) and IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) provides me with current and valuable information regarding schools and programs; updates about school trends and therapeutic innovations.

The task of determining what is the next best step  requires the answers to many questions

  • Has outpatient therapy been attempted?
  • Has your child been tested, evaluated and assessed?
  • How much worse will your child’s behavior and actions need to  get before you move forward?

Taking action requires developing a plan.

The  challenging, but valuable, process of describing and outlining the events that have been taking place in your family can help you move forward in any decision you make.

  • Getting started is as simple as filling out the student profile  in the ‘getting started’ section, which can be submitted on line, calling or emailing me.

I am committed to knowing the schools and programs I recommend.  IMG_1428

  • Through research, site visits at schools and programs, meetings with the schools’ admissions staff, clinical staff, academic staff, and executive staff and directors, I learn about what each school offers and their philosophy and treatment perspectives.
  • I visit the programs, speak with staff and students, and find out what they offer and do best, and provide you with comprehensive results.

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