What inspires you?

Dale Chihuly Glass Garden in Seattle Center.

What colors do you notice? Can you see texture and shape? Do you see movement and flow? What a wonderful way to practice mindfulness!

This exhibit was spectacular! It was amazing to see this installation live, and well worth the visit to Seattle. I highly recommend a visit to awaken the senses, and experience this visual art. It’s fluid, it moves and it’s alive.

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Using Essential Oils

  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Clary Sage
  • Lemongrass
  • Palmarosa
  • Rosewood
  • Sandlewood
  • any many more…

I have been using essential oils for myself for many years. Recently I have added them to my office to aid in mindfulness and sensory awareness. This is especially useful as a resource before and after doing reprocessing with EMDR. Clients can choose their favorite essential oil, and as they are being asked to be aware of other senses, like the colors in the room, the sounds they hear, noticing their feet on the floor, etc., they can use the oil to help them ground and come into the present moment. This is a strong addition to my took kit for clients that helps them work through traumatic experiences, and allows another tool to help them manage and cope with their emotional regulation.

Essential oil diffuser in the waiting room. Come in and enjoy!

Chihuly exhibit in Seattle Center.
Notice what you see!
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Charlie Brown is a winner!

Charlie Brown is a winner! Check out this short video and inspire yourself and those you love. It’s about how strength, hope and creativity conquer obstacles and challenges. Enjoy!

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I’ve moved my office! Happy 2020!

New Address: 210 Sunset Drive, Suite E, Sedona, Arizona (behind Wallgreens, off of 89A)

Change is inevitable. After 14 years of working in my office at the Anasazi Building, it was time to move, for a variety of reasons. I have found a wonderful new location, in a much upgraded building. The space is smaller than I had before, which has allowed me to downsize and upgrade at the same time. It’s been exciting to clear out the old and bring in the new. I’m looking forward to seeing all my clients in the new office and bringing in the new year and new decade in a beautiful new space.

There is work still in progress as far as decorating and finishing touches, but I’m in the office and working!

Come one in and take a look….

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Psychology Today

Find me in Psychology Today!


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EMDR and Addiction and Mindfulness Practice

27306896-the-phrase-practice-mindfulness-daily-on-a-piece-of-paper-pinned-to-a-cork-notice-board-a-mental-staIn January 2018 I completed  a training on EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and addictions.  There are many new protocols and tools to use to help clients process.  But there are also very old and useful tools to help people process, and a very important one is mindfulness, a term that was coined in 1881, and described as awareness and coming back to awareness.  So, mindfulness is the practice of coming back to awareness. It seems simple, yes?  But no, it is so easy for us to become lost in our thoughts, and feelings.  To have hours, days, weeks go by without noticing what is happening in the present moment. And if you think about addiction, substance use disorder, it is the opposite of mindfulness, since it numbs the body and the brain. So, the practice of mindfulness, and it is a practice, develops focus and awareness.  Whether there is an an addiction or not, mindfulness is a wonderful practice to cultivate!

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Cooper the Coopervisor

Cooper the Coopervisor

Is this not the cutest dog ever?  Whenever there is a disruption in the state of peace at our house, Cooper comes up and gives us this look.  Instead of moving away, or leaving, he moves in and loves… That is his reaction to disturbance.  What a wonderful therapy dog, for all of us!

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My relentless search for skill…

12D70724-3BE4-43D7-AE34-CFBDDB0E15A1Two of my recent oil paintings, after an amazing workshop from Qiang Huang at the Sedona Art Center in February 2016.  His work is beautiful and profound, and as a physicist he learned to create and paint in a very systematic and beautiful way, which he is now teaching throughout the US and internationally.  I was grateful to be able to take his workshop, and learn more about light, color and form. These two paintings represent some of what I learned regarding using  strong color and creating bold shadow and light.

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EMDR Child Specialist

4BA993FF-309A-447E-85ED-3CF9E1A7B835 In January 2016, I took an intensive training with Ana Gomez, and became an EMDR child specialist.  We all (therapists) worked together, played together and learned together how to provide EMDR therapy with play therapy and help children who have had adverse childhood experiences, work through and begin the process of healing from trauma and complex trauma.EDD0A9DA-D735-49BC-966B-B90D236DC0B0

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Create, Create, Create!

As a therapist, I am constantly looking for new and creative interventions to connect with my clients and to support them as they grow and evolve.  However, as an artist, I am always looking for inspiration and challenge myself to explore new mediums and techniques so that I will continue to grow and evolve.  This year I’ve started working in encaustics. Encaustic painting is an ancient art form that uses hot bees wax and oil pigments. I’m playing with color and experimenting.  The wax dries as soon as it hits the canvas, creating an even greater challenge.  But the color is vibrant and exciting, and there is texture as well.  The process is amazing and fun! So, today my advice is create, create, create!IMG_1297IMG_1296IMG_1290

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