Sedona Mask Mandate

Mask mandate and social distancing in the Sedona office.

As of July 26th, 2020 there is a mandatory mask ordinance in place from the Mayor of Sedona, which I will be observing during office hours. Since my office is big enough to allow social distancing once we are in the therapy room and seated, we will not need to wear masks. But I am asking that as you enter and exit the office you observe the mask mandate.

If you wish to wear a mask during the session, please feel comfortable to do so. Again a quick COVID-19 protocol reminder:

  • Please wear masks when entering and exiting the office.
  • Please leave check or cash on the desk across from the couch.
  • Please do not enter until I have opened the front door.
  • Please respect social distancing and sit on the loveseat across the room.
  • Please cancel if you have any signs of illness at all.

Again, I appreciate your cooperation and compliance during this pandemic. Let’s all continue to stay healthy and mindful as we get through these difficult times!

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More Office Updates. Learning as we go forward.

Here are a few of the new office protocol’s in place during COVID-19:

  • I will open and close the door before each session, so no one needs to touch the handles.
  • Please do not enter the office until I have opened the front door.
  • I will lock the door during each session to ensure the next client does not enter before you have left.
  • Please have your check/cash ready to put on the desk at the beginning of the session.
  • Please cancel your appointment if you have any signs of illness, even allergies. I am not charging for late cancellations at this time.
  • As I mentioned in my last post, I clean and wipe down the office with Clorox after each session.
  • Also mentioned in the last post, I’m asking you to respect social distancing, and sit at the end of the couch or on the loveseat in the therapy room.

Thank you so much for complying and helping to keep us all safe and healthy. My hope is to stay open throughout this pandemic and be available to all of you who wish on a person to person basis. But if that is not possible, please understand I’m still available through phone calls.

Please stay tuned to my blog to read any new updates. I look forward to seeing you all!

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New Office Protocol During COVID-19

For all my clients who continue to see me in person, which I prefer when possible, I’m establishing some new routines in the office to ensure safety. First off, when I can (weather permitting) I will leave the office door open so you don’t have to touch the door. And after the session, I’ll open the doors for you, again, so you won’t need to touch the door knob. I will still be wiping the handles with Clorox before and after each client.

When you enter the therapy room I’m asking that you sit at either the far end of the couch, or on the loveseat, to comply with ‘social distancing’. And when you pay me, please just leave the check or cash on the desk, Also, if you use the restroom, please hang the key back where it came from and I’ll be sure to wipe it off with Clorox as well, but stay aware that it is a public restroom for our suite and I’m not able to know when other tenants and their clients are using it.

I’m also wiping down the couches and love seat before and after each client. Basically anything you touch during the session will be wiped down the Clorox.

Luckily I see mostly one person at a time, and managing the office cleanliness is very doable. I’ve become quite diligent in making sure I’m doing my best to keep us all safe and healthy!

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Staying Healthy

Living in Sedona offers plenty of outdoor activity options.

Now during this time of COVID-19 it’s more important than ever to take advantage of our mountains and this wonderful Spring weather, and get outdoors. Hiking, mountain biking, running, walking, golfing, are all healthy options and choices. Being outside is one of the safest places to be, if not the safest.

And besides your physical health, nature and nature’s beauty can provide relaxation, presence and mindfulness, which is good for our mental health. Right now we need to find creative options and ways to continue to stay healthy and manage our stress and our fears.

So get outside and look around you. Look at colors, shapes, patterns that occur in nature. Notice your environment, the temperature, the scents, the sounds. Doing these simple practices will increase your alertness and your mindfulness, and decrease anxiety and stress. Go out and enjoy!

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As is quite clear, we are living in confusing and uncertain times. I’m writing this post to let my clients know that I’m still working out of my office, and doing my best to sanitize and disinfect the office after each client. However, I’m aware that many people are dealing with their own health issues, and need to take strong precautions. I’m happy to set up phone sessions or face time, in the mean time, if you are at all uncomfortable with in person sessions.

Otherwise until further notice, it’s business as usual (as ‘usual’ as is possible).

Lastly, I’m highly encouraging people who feel ill to cancel their sessions, and stay home, for the sake of everyone. Right now we need to be careful, mindful, and considerate. Please pay close attention to your health and wellbeing!

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“What is the pattern,” Bateson would ask “that connects the crab to the lobster and the orchid to the primrose, and all four of them to me? And me to you?”

Gregory Bateson

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What inspires you?

Dale Chihuly Glass Garden in Seattle Center.

What colors do you notice? Can you see texture and shape? Do you see movement and flow? What a wonderful way to practice mindfulness!

This exhibit was spectacular! It was amazing to see this installation live, and well worth the visit to Seattle. I highly recommend a visit to awaken the senses, and experience this visual art. It’s fluid, it moves and it’s alive.

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Using Essential Oils

  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Clary Sage
  • Lemongrass
  • Palmarosa
  • Rosewood
  • Sandlewood
  • any many more…

I have been using essential oils for myself for many years. Recently I have added them to my office to aid in mindfulness and sensory awareness. This is especially useful as a resource before and after doing reprocessing with EMDR. Clients can choose their favorite essential oil, and as they are being asked to be aware of other senses, like the colors in the room, the sounds they hear, noticing their feet on the floor, etc., they can use the oil to help them ground and come into the present moment. This is a strong addition to my took kit for clients that helps them work through traumatic experiences, and allows another tool to help them manage and cope with their emotional regulation.

Essential oil diffuser in the waiting room. Come in and enjoy!

Chihuly exhibit in Seattle Center.
Notice what you see!
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Charlie Brown is a winner!

Charlie Brown is a winner! Check out this short video and inspire yourself and those you love. It’s about how strength, hope and creativity conquer obstacles and challenges. Enjoy!

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I’ve moved my office! Happy 2020!

New Address: 210 Sunset Drive, Suite E, Sedona, Arizona (behind Wallgreens, off of 89A)

Change is inevitable. After 14 years of working in my office at the Anasazi Building, it was time to move, for a variety of reasons. I have found a wonderful new location, in a much upgraded building. The space is smaller than I had before, which has allowed me to downsize and upgrade at the same time. It’s been exciting to clear out the old and bring in the new. I’m looking forward to seeing all my clients in the new office and bringing in the new year and new decade in a beautiful new space.

There is work still in progress as far as decorating and finishing touches, but I’m in the office and working!

Come one in and take a look….

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