Getting Started

As an educational consultant, my job is to help you and your child move away from hurting and move toward healing.

Please call me at (928) 301-1821 to discuss your situation, get information and support, and get started.

Placing your child in a wilderness program, therapeutic boarding school, or residential treatment center can be an intense and emotional process.  Having support and guidance from a professional who knows and has visited the schools and programs, and also knows your child’s psychological makeup, will facilitate establishing not only a successful placement, but also a successful experience.

The Initial Interview and Conversation:

We can meet in my office or I can travel to meet you in your home, or if you are in crisis we can have the meeting over the phone.

Fees will be discussed and agreed upon in the initial conversations that occur before meetings are scheduled. Fees are determined by what placements are needed, whether or not a therapeutic relationship already exists between us, and if Wilderness Treatment is necessary or not.

If we agree to work together, I  will be communicating with teachers, therapists and other relevant parties, and will ask for the Release of Information Form to be completed.

Recommendations for Placement:

After collecting all of the relevant information and having our initial meeting, I will contact the schools or programs which I think are the best match, to determine if it’s a fit and if they have room.  If the programs think your child is a match,  I will give you their names and websites, and ask you to contact them and begin the interviewing process. I will help with questions about the applications, travel and setting up visits, and any other way that you might need assistance.

Your job is to consider my recommendations through browsing websites, making phone calls and/or  site visits, talking to programs and asking all of the questions you need to get a good idea about the program.  Your job is also to discuss the cost of the program and find out all the costs involved in placement of each program.  Since every program has it’s own unique way of determining costs, I do not follow that information.  Please make sure to ask all financial questions to determine that the programs you are considering are affordable for you. Since I assess programs regarding level of treatment, and quality of their clinical and therapeutic team, I am not screening regarding costs. Most of these programs are for profit, and can average between 100,000. to 200,000. per year, or can be from 7,000. to 14,000. per month.

I do want to hear your thoughts about each potential placement.  I am there to help with any questions or concerns you may encounter when deciding. I can also provide you with a detailed list of questions to ask programs.

Then we will confer about your final choice, you will fill out the application, and enroll your child. If necessary, I  provide you names of  transportation assistants to help you to arrange transportation to the program.

During Placement

Once placement is completed, I follow the progress of the child by receiving reports and phone calls from the program therapist and through email/phone calls with you. From the time you sign on until the time your child completes the placement, I am available to you. I am there every step of the way!

You will work with me personally throughout this process and understand that I work only for you and your family, not for programs.

My goal is to assist you and your family in determining the most effective treatment program and plan for your child, and to help your family reconnect and heal.

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